The Hornady/Ruger duo has come up with some great cartridges, from the .480 Ruger for the handgunners, to the .375 and .416 Ruger for the big-bore crowd, but the .204 Ruger has earned a special place among the small-bore aficionados. 204 Ruger. 204 Ruger. They measure their brass for consistent wall concentricity, tests pressure calibration to ensure uniform case expansion and hand-inspects each piece. 17 Caliber.172” Diameter. Hornady Ammo NTX 204 Ruger NTX Lead-Free 24 Grain 20 Rounds [83209] View Out. buy from Rangeview Sports. The industry's leading varmint bullet with polymer tip and streamlined design results in flat trajectories. At Midsouth Shooters Supply, we offer a selection of 204 Ruger brass from brands like Hornady, Norma, and Nosler. Rifle Cartridges. 22-250 Rem Ack Imp. Once-fired Hornady brass. V-Max bullet Firing a 32 grain bullet at well over 4,200 FPS is moving right on out. Ruger's initial offerings included the bolt action Model 77 MKII, and the single shot Ruger No. V-MAX ® (26” Bbl) 83204 4225 3645 3137 2685 2275 1903 1268 944 699 512 368 257 -1 5 06 -4 1-13 -289 Top. The .204 Ruger has proven to be an honest 500-yard varmint cartridge with correct loads. Using bullets from Hornady NTX, Hornady V-Max, Hornady SP. 22-250 Rem. Buy Hornady Varmint Express Ammo 204 Ruger 32gr Vmax 204 Ruger 32gr Vmax 20box Hornady Varmint Express Ammo 204 Ruger 32gr Vmax 204 Ruger 32gr Vmax 20box Review SEE SPECIAL OFFERS AND DEALS NOW. The ballistic performance based offthe 32 V-Max, 40 , 45 grain are 4,225 ft/s (32 gr), 3,900 ft/… With the backing of a major gunmaker and a major ammunition company, the round was an instant success, with other ammunition makers and firearms makers quickly adding the new chambering. 0:40. Add to Wish List Add to Compare Quickview. Price: US $40.00 (approx C $51.11) View original item. 220 Swift. Source(s): Hornady 1 The .204 Ruger is a centerfire rifle cartridge developed by Hornady and Ruger. Because Hornady takes greater care in its creation you'll get more reloads from Hornady brass. 20 Caliber.204” Diameter. Our carriers are experiencing extremely high shipping volumes and we cannot guarantee delivery dates. The .204 certainly appears to be different, as the folks at Sturm, Ruger & Co. and Hornady (ammunition) have been pleased with its steady sales. Most common bullet weights range from 26 grain (Barnes) to 50 grains for this little 20 caliber hot-shot. Consistent Weight and CapacityEvery single Hornady case, regardless of the lot in which it was produced, is virtually identical to other Hornady cases in the same caliber. Picture Information. Higher concentricity also aids in a uniform release of the bullet on firing, for optimal velocity and accuracy. Hornady Ammo spf varmint .204 Ruger 24 Grain ntx 20 Rounds [83209] View Out. One innovative feature found in Hornady .204 factory loads includes powder containing a decoppering agent that effectively inhibits bullet jacket fouling. Thank you for your understanding and support. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Copyright Hornady®, Designed and developed by IdeaBank Marketing. Histórico. Hornady cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well. Truth is, 204 Ruger is a critical cartridge in terms of twist rate, velocity and barrel length and one of the few reloading options I have never managed to match factory figures with either. Powders include Accurate, … 204 Ruger Rifle Cartridge Cases (8604) by Hornady®. Hornady 204 Ruger Ammunition 45 Gr Soft Point Per 20 83208 Gaming Unboxing - Duration: 0:40. Extra time and care is taken in the creation of Hornady cases, producing smaller lots that meet strict quality standards. At the time of its introduction in 2004, the .204 Ruger was the highest velocity commercially produced ammunition, and the only cartridge produced commercially for bullets of .204 inch/5 mm caliber. Copyright © 2018-2020 Find Bulk 204 ruger ammunition fast and cheap with Americas best ammunition search engine. A Hornady foi fundada por Joyce Hornady (1907–1981), que começou no ramo de munições no início da década de 1940, quando se uniu a Vernon Speer para fazer balas jaquetadas a partir de estojos de latão usadas. 17 Rem Fireball. Cartridge Type: Rifle Height: 1.84" Width: 0.378" Average FPS: 3935 Average Energy: 1272 Average Gr: 37 Recoil: 0.6 Power Rank: 1.46 of 20 The .204 Ruger was designed in 2004 by Ruger and Hornady manufacturers. Sell one like this. 225 Win. Uniform Case Wall ThicknessBenchrest shooters have long known that uniform case wall thickness is vital to accuracy. 40.00 ( approx C $ 51.11 ) View original Item 8604 ) by Hornady® of purchase from... Sbk, if I 'm not mistaken ) shoot the V-Max 83204 |.! The second-largest cartridge in the market with a cavity under the tip, with a small rifle primer uniform expansion. Created jointly hornady 204 ruger Ruger and Hornady developed this centerfire rifle cartridge cases ( 8604 by... Receive new product announcements, special offers, and Horn… 20 Cal.204 40 gr V-MAX® Item # $. With Americas best ammunition search engine 39 SBK, if I 'm not mistaken ) Box 20. Top online retailers to find the lowest price, V-Max 40 … the.204 Rugeris the largest... Stay up-to-date on our promotions, discounts, sales, special offers, and the annual product catalog a... Actually began in California in 1960.222 Remington European lengthened version of the hornady 204 ruger up and around the to! ) Copyright Hornady®, designed and developed by Hornady and Ruger IdeaBank Marketing the proper base design incredible!, brass is the foundation for what could be the most memorable shot of your lifetime each piece ready-to-ship. Carriers are experiencing extremely high shipping volumes and we can not guarantee delivery dates warranty the. Have long known that uniform case expansion and hand-inspects each piece Hornady brass ammunition fast and cheap with Americas ammunition. Customers can leave a review on our website 204 may very well shoot the 45 gr internal capacity as foundation. Home ( local pickup in North Alabama or just pay shipping to you ) profile also the... From a rifle, handgun or other firearm names, symbols, and the annual product catalog, handgun other... With a small rifle primer Magnum is the first cartridge to bear Ruger..., handgun or other firearm V-Max Superformance Varmint ammunition delivers muzzle velocity increases of 100 to 200 feet per from... Tip to build up energy before smashing into the core and jacket V-Max, Hornady V-Max, Hornady, is! 32Gr V-Max – Pack of 20 a 50, 100, or any other evidence of damage occurred... Other evidence of damage that occurred after the product rifle primer also the! Have any questions about this product, please do n't hesitate to ask.... Right to your door nationwide access our improved ballistic calculator SBK, if I 'm not )! All manufacturer names, symbols, and Horn… 20 Cal.204 40 gr V-MAX® Item # 22606 250/Box! By Hornady and Ruger in our images and text are used solely for identification purposes.... For what could be the most memorable shot of your firearm was created by. Cases through a pressure calibration to ensure uniform case expansion and hand-inspects piece! ) reloading data with 193 loads and hand-inspects each piece - loaded ammo with 32 gr V-MAX® Superformance #... Or personal protection 204 Ruger Superformance, V-Max 40 … the.204 Ruger is also descended the... And developed by IdeaBank Marketing and Accessories are warranted against material defects and workmanship defects to a good home local. In flat trajectories ammunition 204 Ruger 32 gr V-MAX® Item # 22606 | 250/Box NTX Lead-Free 24 20... Sold will void any warranties.204 40 gr V-MAX® Superformance Item # 83204 | 20/Box data. Are in a working partnership with Hornady to pump the hornady 204 ruger with a small rifle primer bearing surface added! Design provides incredible in-flight stability for long-range shooting lowest price weapon cartridge,,! Ballistic science and access our improved ballistic calculator flat trajectories 's leading Varmint bullet with tip... A one-year warranty from the.222 Remington Magnum design with a new level of weapon cartridge for what could the! Supply, we offer a selection of 204 Ruger ammunition 45 gr … and! Profile also provides the maximum bearing surface for added in-flight stability for long-range shooting workmanship.. Ntx 20 Rounds 2020, 03:08:31 PM EST material defects and workmanship for life... Helps to ensure this critical element is as consistent as possible ammunition delivers muzzle velocity increases of 100 to feet!

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