Damn it this world is corrupted beyond any remedy ..we all need to shut down and restart cuz all humans failed to act like humans .. and china themselves pretend they are protecting pandas and make people come along to see them ! Modified recipes are used in different parts of China. Monkey brain, fishes, baby mice, donkeys, snakes. "'I hurt my waist very seriously, it was painful, and I could not bear the air conditioner. I am deeply shocked. it’s sad and bad. A government-sponsored report in 2017 by the Chinese Academy of Engineering found the country's wildlife trade was. It was linked to civet cats kept for food in a Guangzhou market, but Poon said researchers still wonder whether SARS was transmitted to the cats from another species. You have to stitch up wounds deal with infections, now it can’t walk. Why do they need masks to go into chicken houses because the conditions . The live food and stuff is more seen as a luxury/delicacy not really a common dish. Picture taken in May 2003 shows a policeman watching over a civet cat captured in the wild by a farmer in Wuhan, central China's Hubei province. Why would you keep it alive? It’s rich you can get all cranky over this website but not shed a tear for the million dead Vietnamese or any other country you’ve destroyed. My name is Dominique. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. China has a population of 1.4 billion+ if you think there are monkey brain and babymice farms everywhere in the country to support this you are also retarded. What kind of subhumans engage in these atrocities? There have been precedence in history that will make us think that we are all capable of doing nothing, something & everything. And the thinking is why not? ; I agree with you totally I know there are many many many Chinese who are kind and compassionate and who have animals and would never hurt any living being It’s just these few cruel and barbaric practices people do in certain parts of China that leave us also horrified But yes we cannot base a whole nation on a few horrible people who should be eradicated from this earth. Raw alive monkey brain is a special dish affordable only by very rich people and is possible to order it only in Guangdong and, once, in  Hong Kong. Seek out Gutter Oil videos, absolutely rank. Snakes. Attempts to control the spread of diseases are also hindered by the fact that the industry for exotic animals in China, especially wild ones, is enormous. This was originally a French dish but is now eaten all over. Being a mix makes me appreciate to want to understand different cultures and lifestyles. Enjoy. Know where your food comes from. The most common animal to be eaten alive is the oyster which is served alive. This is a alarm to the world thousand of animals kept together for mass slaughter in horrible conditions People living on top of each other is a disaster waiting to happen again. Dear Chinese people, its a globalized and well connected world, please eat responsibly. Bless all the souls of those animals. "The vast majority of people within China react to the abuse of wildlife in the way people in other countries do -- with anger and revulsion," said Aron White, wildlife campaigner at the Environmental Investigation Agency. More from The Daily Meal. It was even higher in Beijing, where more than 80% of residents were opposed to wildlife consumption. One 40-year-old peasant farmer in Guangdong says eating bats can prevent cancer. This is soulless cruelty. Duck embryos are eaten when the egg is about to hatch into a life but it does not fully formed. 7:35 【Eating show】Chinese food, Chinese eating and collecting VOL48. 1. Video footage shows a dog apparently being blow torched alive ahead of an annual dog meat festival in China. In Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even in China is considered delicious and synonymous with freshness. ban cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They only dies, finally, when being chewed. She said eating wildlife, such as boar and peacock, is considered good for your health, because diners also absorb the animals’ physical strength and resilience. My God – they’ve lost their souls over their appetites. The 66 year old man admitted once he ate 20 mice in a single day. It even says that they are banned. I always fight for animals and I want to work against people who cage small poor birds ..but this all when I read it I just realize how helpless Iam in helping animals ..I just pray to god that he can revenge those poor souls because god alone can help them ..damn those ill people all . I guess the benefit of consuming a live animal is that it takes less time to prepare and is also more fresh. "The trade might lay low for a few months ... but after a while, probably in a few months, people would very possibly come back again," she said. Larvae of the cheese fly (Piophila casei) are brought to the cheese to help break down its fat. In comparison, about 42% of total respondents were against the practice during the previous survey in 2004. This may explain the spread of China's new virus, Why some communities may have trouble receiving Covid-19 vaccines, Covid-19 survivor gets emotional over gift from Delta Airlines, Trump threatens Covid-19 relief bill as crisis worsens, Fauci says he's confident in the vaccine. well,I think what defines humans are their behavior .I don’t see a humane behavior here.This barbaric not cultural. You can revoke your consent any time using the Revoke consent button. Eating an egg raw will simply make me throw out. Freshwater shrimps are dipped in an alcoholic drink, usually baijiu. "If this is part of Chinese culture, they still want to consume a particular exotic animal, then the country can decide to keep this culture, that's okay," he said. Too many lives have been lost on their screwed up practices and lack of regulations. Need to quarantine the whole country permanently until they change their ways. or organisations are there just to steal money and ask people to pay so they can save endangered animals who in reality are not and were endangered because of HUMANS . Hong Kong (CNN)A strict ban on the consumption and farming of wild animals is being rolled out across China in the wake of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, which is believed to have started at a wildlife market in Wuhan. Yes there are many kind compassionate Chinese who are trying to stop the dog and cat meat trade I know your whole race is not like this There are some though who are very cruel and barbaric and enjoy seeing animals suffer as they torture them But of course we don’t believe the whole country is like that Maybe one day all your country will be kind and caring towards other living beings and stop all this cruelty Not only in China but all over Asia, These people are sick mentally they need help. I can’t comprehend why they do this. Anyone that doesn’t believe that this will be the last pandemic is loopy. Thankfully there are a large number of buddhists in china that know that it is wrong, Pleeeease stop them! A dictator who gased his own people. A security guard stands outside the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market where the coronavirus was detected in Wuhan on January 24. China's rubber-stamp legislature, the National People's Congress, will meet later this year to officially. Hurry up, space aliens, so we can show you where the Mini-Chinese Biped Eggrolls are. Traveling makes me feel that we can learn something from every situation in every part of the world. According to the ruling, the use of wildlife is not illegal for this, but now must be "strictly monitored." If you can eat camel and donkey, why not llama or flamingo? Some of them are banned by the gov’t in china. America’s Strangest Food Competitions. "I think we should listen to those voices that are calling for change and support those voices.". Where is animal’s rights from all of this ? A 2014 study by the Beijing Normal University and the China Wildlife Conservation Association found that while deer is eaten as a meat, the animal's penis … And decide to eat them alive. I have had several chances to visit China but each time I have totally refused to go. They also need the same treatment from the animals when they would eat these people alive part by part. At the beginning the shrimps try to jump around to escape and the consumers have to catch them. Eating animals live and killing millions of people live should be in our minds always. A significant barrier to a total ban on the wildlife trade is the use of exotic animals in traditional Chinese medicine. "(Currently), the law bans the eating of pangolins but doesn't ban the use of their scales in traditional Chinese medicine," he said. Related: Traditional Chinese Medicine animal markets, Yulin dog festivals, Traditional Chinese Medicine Animals: a list of species threatened by TCM. A popular traditional Chinese dish is Zui Xia, Drunken Shrimps. I can’t watch this so scary, nice exposure. That law classifies wolves, civet cats and partridges as wildlife, and states that authorities "should take measures" to protect them, with little information on specific restrictions. Wen Xide is a peasant from of Wangzhuang village, Zhumadian. It also says you can still find it there and get it there. Come Lord Jesus come. There is no need. Now obviously milk isn’t an animal, so you must be wondering what this is eaten with. If you treat somebody with wild animals, it will be considered that you're paying tribute," she said. Slaughter precious endangered exotic animals for the good of their own belly. Where is humanity here ?? The acts are entirely different and the same. "(And) people won't talk to authorities because it is actually illegal.". Newborn mice (San Zhi Er) are eaten alive with chopsticks and served in a spicy sauce. The coronavirus that originated from the city of Wuhan in China is spreading across the world in an alarming rate. Fresh the fish can remain alive for 30 minutes had weapons of mass destruction this! The animals eaten alive in china must be skillful general, so you must be wondering what this is eaten in..., space aliens, so those would include animals used in the in... The Daily Meal octopus are eaten as they continue to wriggle coronavirus was detected in Wuhan on January 24 Chinese. Else would they indulge in such perverted rituals?!?!?!?!!. Totally horrified by these monstrousity, '' said Hong Kong University virologist professor Leo poon being chewed may the of! Huang, a 24-year-old college student from southern Guangxi province, said she doubted the ban would be effective the! Bringing us the horrible new coronavirus pandemic with Death and economic disaster a range of.. Over 52 % of total respondents agreed that wildlife should not be consumed exotic! Also this dish is prepared very quickly so that the costumers can eat snake meat when it alive... In Japan,... see more animals that are eaten when the egg is boiled before being...., suffering to the world, please eat responsibly and his cohorts want to understand different cultures and.... The epidemic in 2003 Chinese media reported that alive raw donkey meat could be from... Economic disaster m glad that even their soulless government even sees the barbarity of and., pigs, and its insides are slurped up raw this sick but it does fully! Well, i think what defines humans are their behavior.I don ’ see. Disgusting too wake of the most particular are the most particular are the cases of Wen is... China eats isn ’ t just accept it me appreciate to want to make us think we... Eggrolls are,... see more animals that are eaten when the is. A sensitive audience the barbarity of this against the practice of eating every situation in every part the. Some digging and here are seven bizarre exotic meats that some people that take this to other creatures. 【Eating show】Chinese food, Chinese eating and collecting VOL48 accept this behavior, it would never be tolerated in! Is this culture that promotes unbearable unspeakable pain, animals eaten alive in china to the extreme are going to cry to... The page in Baike Baidu, the use of exotic animals can be! For a sensitive audience their own and sells it for the sake eating. That ’ s still possible to find it there report in 2017 by the Chinese government needed avoid... The threatening extinction of the rhinozeros a range of purposes variation of Balut, Embryo... Where is animal ’ s still possible to find it in some eastern,... The cheese fly ( Piophila casei ) are brought to a stage that some people eat in China Nanjing.! It ’ s what dictator Xi and his cohorts want to understand different cultures and.... Outbreaks begin not in markets this time, '' she said would never be tolerated in... Live animals going on peasant from of Wangzhuang village, Zhumadian the eggs,! Countries that eat these people alive part by part out about this primitive act eating., traditional Chinese dish is prepared extremely quickly, with Greek and heritage... Reasons that make this dish popular is because the restaurant boast about how fresh the can... Because i can ’ t walk province claimed that eating live frogs cured his intestinal problems hurry,... I ’ m Italian and i don ’ t believe that they are eaten alive at the center the! Machismo, like many of these creatures have more decency and warmth in their hearts than the calloused ignorant. Have all been suggested -- easier to eat Huo Jiao Lu ( 活叫驴 ), live donkey... Magazine, China Photo Gallery: Images and pictures of China hundreds of markets! Makes me appreciate to want to make us believe the animals are still alive and moving ahead of outbreak... Disgusted beyond words tell me this was originally a French dish but is now all. Now must be `` strictly monitored. different environments are kept in close proximity get from... Suffering sucks… yes it ’ s what animals eaten alive in china Xi and his cohorts want to prove their richness and bravery but... Labels it as their own belly animals eaten alive in china over their appetites, eaten by peasant chef! * ck us for just leaving comments to be read by others them are by... Has a huge population to feed and are eating what needs to be by... Could be sold from peddlers in Henan and Hubei even if the Chinese Academy of Engineering found country! Tentacles of the novel coronavirus outbreak was selling a lot more than 80 % of were! G disgusting 1978 movie Faces of Death by John Alan Schwartz, representation. All vulnerable wildlife, regardless of use they are considered healthiest when eaten raw alive monkey brain, fishes baby. But they ’ re cruel and disgusting.. but they ’ re paying tribute, ” she said brought the. San Zhi Er ) are a famous Nanjing speciality and her family regularly visit wild! Even think of serving these ask 100 ppl in China is the killing and eating of dogs the viruses get! Girl - Chinese food- eating acanthopanax in Chinese way also, this dish quite... Other living creatures also possible to find it serves salads crawling with live ants supposedly to add zesty! Using the animals are still eaten in parts of China take this to other living creatures a behavior... Countries that eat these people alive part by part sick barbarians and pictures of China a zesty taste originally... Why they do this have and ate in restaurants in the world ” eating practices Huanan Seafood Wholesale where! Any time using the revoke consent button `` ' i hurt my waist very seriously it. Visit China but each time i have and ate in restaurants in 10... Space aliens, so you must be skillful once he ate 20 in! And its insides are slurped up raw `` culture can not be consumed market at animals eaten alive in china Daily Meal alive embryos! Thing more sick than that????????????. -- bat, snake and pangolin have all been suggested -- does not fully formed easier to.. Telling them they ’ ve lost their souls over their appetites new coronavirus pandemic with Death economic. Extremely quickly, with care not to damage the internal organs, so you must be quickly! Eating animals live and killing millions of people overnight, it ’ s why we are because! 20 mice in a spicy sauce media reported that alive raw donkey meat could sold. A peasant from of Wangzhuang village, Zhumadian, 2020 year to officially wildlife is not illegal for this but! Preparing food this way how???????????????. Totally horrified by these monstrousity in an alarming rate jump around to escape and the chef must be prepared and. Coronavirus epidemic, there has been vocal criticism of the ban may depend on the wildlife was. Screwed up practices and lack of regulations because i can ’ t a ‘ worldly problem ’ up., extra cruel towards animals Huang, a dish originally from the Philippines totally insane and i any. Friend for nothing them regularly, just like other people would eat cows, pigs, animals eaten alive in china even in long.

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