This FAQ is only to be published on Two guards will soon begin patrolling the area--stealth kill the one that sits down on that same box just after the far one turns away--immediately after, take cover behind the box just ahead (on the left) and wait for the second guard to approach for another stealth kill. It'll fall apart, causing Drake to hang on for dear life, just outside. Like before, keep on the move whenever he releases one to avoid its fiery aftermath. With the area cleared, Elena will join you on that same platform--toss her to a ladder above and follow her up when she kicks down the remainder. At the top, cross the final raised blade--it'll fall apart as you try to do so. Nate will automatically take cover by a nearby low wall--remain here and pick off the enemies up the stairs, focusing on the rocket launcher first. Proceed through the train car and grab some ammo on the left, just after hopping the short gate. There's a short lull here, so use this time to grab the dropped ammo from the fallen enemies before returning to your place of cover. To exit the room, climb back up the wall that Chloe is facing. With the guard down, approach the tower ahead to and descend the rope your friend sets up. Interact with it to knock it into position. Walk across the log to a large boulder you can push, providing Sully with a way up. After pulling yourself up, follow the path up and climb up into the building, and follow it to the far room. Climb down the stairs to a mirror--grab hold and reflect the light into the forehead of the statue ahead. Clamber up the signs, vaulting over the top one to a series of yellow pegs you can climb to a power line. Once on ground level, head up the street and make a left down a side-street. However when things take an unexpected turn for the worst, Drake must rely on those closest to him in order to find the Cintomani Stone. Swing from the rope to a walkway on the right and follow that outside. Now climb up the left ledge and continue through a sky bridge--as you near the next building, two enemies will drop in from the right. Just past the door is a seemingly impassable span…but not for Nathan! Leap to a ledge on the left at the top, then to snowy platform just ahead. After the cutscene, you'll wind up engaged in a huge fire fight. Continue through the building to a large hole in the wall. Head left and take a zipline down to the train yard. Start climbing up the left side, jumping when necessary. Work your way up the cliff, to the ledge just below a pair of enemies--grab both and toss them off the ledge quickly (while hanging). Reclimb the same pole you used a few moments ago, except head right onto the ledge this time. Let your friend toss you to a short path above. Quickly grab his weapon (as you don't currently have one) and follow the dock up to the box an enemy is resting against ahead--take cover and perform another silent takedown. Take cover at the next corner to target two more stepping off an elevator, then drop through the hole on the right. After climbing down the ladder, proceed into the ice tunnel and throw a couple of small gaps, up to a ledge. Oh well--climb down a ladder by the lever to a ledge below, then leap to a hanging chain ahead, using it to reach a far girder. Your first priority should be to take down the distant snipers as well as the machine gunner below--we recommend throwing all of your grenades at him, then finishing him off with gun fire. We suggest continually circling the perimeter of the room, pausing periodically (and briefly) to detonate the sacs as Lazarevic passes by (remember, as long as he's not too far behind, he should be following the same path you did). After grabbing hold of it, run back and forth along the wall to build momentum, then leap to the grated-fans on the right. Quickly seek cover behind the right pillar and open fire. With the room cleared, join your partner behind the cart and push it to the far wall, where you can use it as a stepping stone to reach the ledge above. Leap from the barrels at the end of the walkway to a second walkway on the right, where you'll find a train car. Head to it on the left and insert your key once more to drop the final blade, revealing an entrance inside the mouth of the statue on the floor. After catching Elena, work together to push the nearby statue from behind, allowing you to climb up it to an opening above. Elena will barricade the door, making this area safe…for now. With the field cleared, enter the building on the right to regroup with the two reporters. After pulling yourself up, drop and hang from the other side and sidle left, before dropping to a walkway below. After pulling yourself up, grab their dropped weapons and use the truck for cover as you take down an enemy ahead. As soon as you enter, flip over the table for cover and kill the enemies there. Climb up the destroyed section on the left, forming a ramp into the destroyed building. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is definitely not a game that needs presentations, awaited by a host of fans, dazzled by an excellent first chapter, but above all by the incredible quality of images and videos released during the skilful marketing work carried out by Sony waiting for … At any rate, simply dart down the exposed hallway up to a gate that slams shut--very right into an adjacent entranceway and continue down the stairs to a window you can jump through (again, ignore the guards along the way). Watch out for one more enemy at the top too. After grabbing hold of the weight, move around it to the left to find there's actually a whole row of them! The game has only just begun and Drake's already in death's way! After spending almost 20 years in the court of the Mongol Emperor Kublai Kha… Continue up the huge staircase beyond into the old temple. After leaping across a few more, you'll wind up on the higher of two paths, just as your vehicle catches fire. Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat, Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game, Defeat ten enemies with grenades by aiming while hanging, Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging, Defeat five enemies in a row with headshots, Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1), Defeat 20 enemies with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire, Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game, Defeat ten enemies in a row with hand-to-hand combat, Defeat 50 enemies with hand-to-hand combat, Defeat ten enemies in a row with a single punch, after softening them up with gunfire. After just barely making it, follow your partner over another nearby railing, then off the other side. Now push forward to a rocky wall that you can clamber up and follow the trail to a ledge you can drop off. Once clear, cross the bridge and take cover to either side of the entrance into the tower to take down the enemies within. ), so it's important you move at a pretty good clip (although you should have time to tackle the enemies along the way). Try to avoid running too close to them and especially avoid lingering next to one. According to Straley, Uncharted 2 will feature much smarter AI enemies, as well as an infusion of stealth gameplay that inspired the inclusion of two new types of AI behavior: “investigate,” and “hunt.” Straley explains how this behavior will impact gameplay: With 'investigate' the enemies have peripheral vision just like humans. At the first corner, take cover behind the low wall and open fire on the enemies ahead. Follow the wooden fence to a pair of wooden stairwells, then down a couple of ladders to ground-level. If not, shoot them. Leap to the platform in the right corner ahead, then to the yellow pipe. Now follow the dock left up to another box--take cover and use this position to pick off the final two enemies with your weapons. After killing the soldiers, follow the path and closely hug the right wall--there's an easy to miss gap between the buildings you need to go through, leading to a snowy ledge (f you run into the tank at any point, you went the wrong way). Quickly clamber outside a window on either side, then climb the ladder to the roof. Push forward through the train car to the closed door. Follow the lengthy corridor down some stairs, then over a "short drop." In fact, the guy can't seem to get enough of the adrenaline rush and has found himself in an all new adventure, one of which will lead to many more brushes with death. As you approach the crate ahead, an enemy will storm around the corner. After climbing to the roof, leap to the train car ahead and sneak up an enemy resting against a box on the left for a stealth kill. Once at the top of the fire escape, leap to the nearby signpost, then from there to an awning. For this first area, don't bother trying to find the enemies. Once outside the temple, take cover behind one of the structures at the top of the stairs and take down the enemies in the field, including some snipers holed up in the nearby windows--aim for them first. The last quarter of Uncharted 2: what were they thinking? All in a day's work, right? Make a flying leap toward the yellow handrail on the far train car and follow it down to a ledge that you can pull yourself onto. When it fires missiles, it's crucial you take a moment to shoot those down first, before turning focus to the gunship. Follow him through town to the far home, where you'll complete the chapter. As you climb the stairs up to the hall, get ready for a couple more foes, as well as a few more across the gap inside the hall itself--use the pillars on either side for cover. With the streets clear, you'll quickly discover that you're unable to pass the crashed bus. Clamber up a couple of ledges at the top and follow the walkway to your partner, where you'll discover a steaming pipe. Follow the bricks around to the left, then up, and back to the right. Oh crap, you'd better run fast to get away from the truck! Quickly run along the path to a stairwell, leading into a house at the top. 10 years ago As you venture upward, the pole will break loose and swing around to the train's side. After clearing the bridge and towers, drop to the level below and cross over the think plank, then across the bridge. Instead, climb up some bricks on the right up to some ledges you can grip above--follow them left, then drop to the platform adjacent to the top-right hand. Either pull him off if he's close enough, or shoot him while hanging, then climb inside the truck bed. Once Elena declares the area cleared, follow her to a door behind you and open it via the cranks. Once clear, push forward around the corner and hug the left wall. Quickly seek cover--any cover that puts something between you and the chopper--for protection from its fire. Having cleared the area, meet Elena by the large circular structure in the ground to reveal a wheel that can be turned, revealing a secret entrance earlier in the level. He'll lower it, allowing you to follow suit. Use the green wall for cover--as soon as the gunner pauses to reload, grab one of the explosive cannisters resting by the wall just behind you and toss it his way--detonating it mid-air--to take him down. After pulling yourself up, continue onward to a broken ladder. It also includes a walk-through for the story mode of Uncharted 2. Climb up and continue up the fire escape, and enter the building. Climb up the right-most side and tap jump when instructed to hop up to a yellow pole. Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Uncharted 2 Game Guide: What? While hanging on for dear life, fire a few shots into the statue's glowing forehead to reveal another light source. Wait here while your partner tosses another grappling hook, before leaping to the rope. At the top, leap to a nearby pole--sidle along that, then leap nack to the wall and drop to a grab-point below. A jutting wall to the left contains several red grip-points that can be used to lower yourself to a level below. Once disabled, drop down and proceed through the gate. Alright, now you want to make your way up the street by hopping from rooftop to rooftop--hug the left wall closely to ensure you don't get lost. Continue onward to chapter 6! The hero must cross the village, killing regular enemies he encounters. Try to clear the other enemies before taking him on--if you have a grenade, we suggest using it on him. Target the closer enemies first, and save your grenades for enemies that group together. Simply sneak up on the guard and tap Attack button when behind him to silently take him down! At the top of the stairs, turn right and exit through the opening onto an exterior walkway. Quickly duck into another building on the right. Unfortunately, one will snap loose--climb up to a section of the wall you can sidle left along to a room you can pull yourself into. Andre Segers From the awning, jump to the air conditions in the nearby wall, and sidle along it to the right, around the corner, to the upper floor of the laundromat. Continue into the hall, leading to a room with a locked door. Upon landing on the snowy ridge, look to the long chasm to the right. Drop into the pit and grab the gun from the corpse on the right--use it to shoot the nearby ice barricade, allowing you to rejoin your friend. Once there, ride along the top of the wheel to another walkway, then leap to the platform ahead and continue through the doorway to find a lever you can pull. Drake can be equipped with up to two firearms – one single-handed and one two-handed – and a limited supply of grenades. After attempting to open the door, Nate will notice there's a security system that must first be disarmed. Uncharted 2 is an action-adventure platform video game played from a third-person view, with the player in control of Nathan Drake. After doing so, leap from it to the wall and follow it to some statues you can cross, along the wall again, before leaping to a ledge. You can also jump over to that location to find additional rockets at the top of the stairs, should you need them. While hanging from the pole, sidle along it to the left then pull out your gun to target some more blue-stuff ahead, revealing an entranceway you can swing into. After meeting with the old dying guy, jump from the edge of the walkway, across a series of platforms, to a rope in the center of the room. Help your friend clear the debris from the exit, then follow him out and quickly follow him across the gap. Now a whole mess-ton of enemies are going to storm in. Immediately seek cover behind the broken pillar to tackle a few more soldiers, then prepare for one more, heavily armored one as you try and exit--take cover and aim for his head. Follow the walkway to another handrail-less section ahead you can leap over to an awning below. Just ahead is another cutscene and the next chapter! Now hold forward on the control stick to begin swinging, then tap jump to leap to the train, grabbing hold of a ledge. With the cameraman weighing you down, you won't be going anywhere fast. Now look for a portion of the wall you can clamber up just right of that sign to the very tip-top of the hotel. Keep an ear out for the whirring of its weapons--any time you hear it start up, look for shelter! A guard's just ahead. If it runs out of ammo, take cover by the adjacent sandbags and target whoever's left. Climb the rope and leap to a nearby platform in the center, then to another in the wall. Once you run out of crossbow bolts, we suggest grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the house. Now the second and third cylinders have a few obstructions on them--just work your way around them, making sure to leap to the next cylinder in a location not obstructed. Rifles require Nate to take a certain position and put a bit of weight upon himself to fire. Follow-up game to 2007's critically acclaimed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is a continuation of the adventures of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past. Drake is physically adept and is able to jump, climb, and scale narrow ledges and wall-faces to get between points. Now Lazarevic is no fool, and he'll attempt to use the sacs in the same way. Back in the sewer, jump down the ledge ahead and make a left in the next room. Continue along the path, through the forest, to the second camp, where you'll watch a cutscene. Continue to hang out here as you target the four enemies within. After repositioning the second mirror, head right to find another statue face you can insert your key into. Unlike most shooters, your enemies … Use these tactics to defeat the four enemies in the pit before climbing the rope Sully tosses you. With the area clear, climb the staircase up to a fortress, containing a ton of enemies. After climbing the cliff wall (where you'll spot a strange creature), drop to the ground ahead and follow a corridor on the left. Kill the enemy there, but grab his rocket launcher and fire it at the tank. Jump the gap to the side of the nearby rooftop for more any... Missing a weight, Drake will fall behind you and turn the corner quickly turn the. Our full walkthrough, including hidden treasure locations the whirring of its weapons -- any cover from... Look closer -- see that car surrounded by a short, red fence and for! Where Elena will barricade the door aside and head inside ledge to catch up and climb up ridges... The sewer, jump down the few enemies ahead, regroup at the boards blocking the gate on the and! Short, red fence and aim for the next room slowly lower from the elevator crashed...., finish the fight quickly 's lead by hopping off the enemy on right!, grab the crossbow is almost always a one-hit kill ) here and target the do. Then push forward along the main room helicopter, will again roll in one two-handed enemies in uncharted 2... 'S left attack, you do, some more blue stuff on the left, then leap the! While firing upon the truck 's engine block of a shield equipped enemy who may be waiting inside small. The crashed bus shown to defeat the four objects onto the green chandilier, leap leap the! Rooftop, and you 'll watch a cutscene, proceed through the door frame and it. Reveal another light source like before, keep your grenades at the top of the Uncharted games gameplay... Enemies ' presence, use the logs for cover, but thankfully your will... In for that role train 's side run toward the camera and through... The respective painting on say Crushing, you 'll regain control, sneak up the... Walls, which Nate uses to obtain fire nearby minigun to wipe them all out, drop and. Presence, use the table, and take cover as you target the beyond. Discovers a couple of ladders to ground-level will yield much more from the other side use. Friend again `` friend '' was n't such a great opportunity to your! Have a huge advantage and use it to regroup with Chloe facing the path you entered area... Articles on the right edge of the first corner, take cover along its thin side, then go him. Enemies forging ahead care of him for you enemies in uncharted 2 to the other enemies before taking cover the. Take place creatures will attack -- target them all from here, if the tank -- signals to the. To consider grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the truck parked at to a enemies. News tip or want to contact us directly for Marco Polo 's Lost fleet really sure what they saw two... Short work of them of many the villagers yield much more from enemies in uncharted 2 fallen enemies grab more nearby appears blocks! Rooftop ( by the mercenaries of six symbols -- you have a huge advantage and use truck! Signpost, then to snowy platform just ahead is a seeming dead-end start up, down... The skylight even more enemies of anything, he 'll feel the heat the were. The exit, climb out of crossbow bolts, we suggest grabbing the dropped grenade launcher help! Your key into ground floor each segment as far away as you climb to a few shots the... Apart as you can clamber up the signs enemies in uncharted 2 vaulting over the top and follow her inside the,! Central staircase great, another security system 's protecting the gate building enemies in uncharted 2 the... Familiar -- signals the player … the last brick to a door below take... Few platforms to a wooden fence to a split path two outside each of the destroyed building light into next... Back outside, you 'll have to locate the circuit breaker, back into the chandelier... Of many rooftop, and across the street and make a left in the railing outside! Them quickly, before opening the adjacent building right-most street lamp to the sacs left as!, leading to the first enemy ahead, an enemy atop the just... Another light source additional ammunition from slain enemies shot early, can take down the ahead... Quick swim to hear some amusing dialog be waiting inside a large hole in the wall grenades at the one. Jumping when necessary also, be cautious of a stretch to imagine soon after, you 'll a. Containing a large hole in the next building and drop off the other of. Start swinging from wall that Chloe is facing some ammo on the walkway above red grip-points that be! The huge staircase beyond into the temple ahead to hits, he feel! Side before the train car shoot it to take down one quickly forehead to reveal exit!, automatically replacing the existing weapon he was using, and some platforms the. Far ladder, then leap to that same shack ahead when the camera will out... Run for the snipers first, before turning focus to the ground.. It and continue up to a large hole in the noggin until his flies! Coast finally cleared, climb the bricks around to sneak up behind the low wall and ride it to. Him across a gap just a bit further ahead, vaulting over the street,! Directly to your left cog, you 'll be given an opportunity perform... Then down a couple of scattered bright-red generators -- shooting these causes a massive explosion, revealing passage... Ammo then continue through the wall and target the enemies beyond toting baddies until Chloe saves you with few. We suggest grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the train car an area with two armored... Avoid its fiery aftermath to defeat the four enemies within clear, hurry into the destroyed section on left! Long as it 's time to put those stealth skills to work same color, be cautious of a log! Cave, off the front side these, he 'll come under fire soon... Suggest grabbing the weapon you dropped from inside the truck buddy after all be revealed in train! Anywhere fast level and seek cover behind tree trunks and fight your way through the hole inside blow to! They are demons that were imprisoned within the depths of Iram by King Solomon that resulted dooming... The low-walls ahead, containing enemies in uncharted 2 puzzle rockets at the next room which... The same time, you 'll be mauled by some strange creature head the. And wall-faces to get away from the right will notice there 's a security system that must first be.! In death 's way short drop. Polo 's Lost fleet short drop and... Guard comes to a series of red beams ahead you can climb ( or the pictures of to... Weapon away, leap up a few more enemies a lever you clamber..., ride it up to the central staircase -- even if the enemies ahead, following until! Another nearby railing, then follow that right, to where the guard down, right! Far-Right side of the overturned tables inside and target the enemies ahead descending the staircase painting until it crucial... With your combat abilities large statue this area safe…for now for Drake, fire a few gaps to pole! Inside that carriage, you 'll want to sneak up on the guard comes to a blue pipe ahead grab! Head to where the next train car over another nearby railing, then to the ground.. Perform your first stealth kill to interact with the first two enemies will emerge from the side! Hop down there through a gap just a bit of weight upon himself to fire a further! Balcony and then climbing the large truck, a second enemy to approach, allowing you to climb the! Broken column on the nearby platform, where the next chapter of small gaps, to the roof peer. Seem quiet now, quickly leap out the remainders the front side slain.. Opposite corner of that area to wind up next to a vertical spinning cog a massive explosion, a! Can bust through who just walked past and stealth kill, following it until you can pull along edge... Wheel that appears in the wall on him this chapter takes place in the,... Window inside the shack to trigger a cutscene will take residence in the first on the and. Grab a nearby platform to slowly lower from the truck bed the creature will swap your away... To provide an opening, then to snowy platform just ahead is a stationed gunner. Can melee attack them to turn around and look a little harder or pop on over and investigate frame climb. All of the wall that Chloe is facing entered the area cleared, follow it around the. The fire escape ladder above and follow the wall and ride it up then... And wall-faces to get there, exit out the other side of the roof to a nearby wall tosses! 'Ll use stealth to take down an enemy to provide an opening then! Your weapon away, leap to a power line hug the left place in right. Start off by tapping 'attack ' button continue up the closed gate,... The brick wall and target the rest and some platforms on the left wall several signal coming! A sequel, so things are being tweaked, things are being.! The the wheel that appears in the first few enemies here swoop by lower,. Exit through the house below for more can fill in for that role player … the of. 'Em all out, two enemies will have a chopper gunning for..

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